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Yootheme Pro Templates for WordPress (06.2021)
[Image: 79be044b4445.jpg]
Yootheme Pro Templates for WordPress (06.2021) | 3.77 GB
- Latest versions of Pro templates on 06/2021 .
- The latest version of the Widgetkit is on 05/2021 .

- YooTheme Pro is fully WPML compatible .

- I will update the distribution whenever possible. Have patience and respect .

List of Pro Templates and Versions
DevStack: 2.4.18
Design Escapes: 2.4.18
Paladin: 2.4.18
Kitchen Daily: 2.4.18
Creative Hub: 2.4.18
Tech Space: 2.4.18
Framerate: 2.4.18
Design Bites: 2.4.18
Matthew Taylor: 2.4.18
Soda: 2.4.18
Makai: 2.4.18
Balou: 2.4.18
Yoko: 2.4.18
Tomsen Brody: 2.4.18
Craft: 2.4.18
Trek: 2.4.18
District: 2.4.18
Flow: 2.4.18
Yard: 2.4.18
Nioh Studio: 2.4.18
Pinewood Lake: 2.4.18
Vision: 2.4.18
Florence: 2.4.18
Lilian: 2.4.18
Morgan Consulting: 2.4.18
Jack Baker: 2.4.18
Juno: 2.4.18
Vibe: 2.4.18
Copper Hill: 2.4.18
Sonic: 2.4.18
Fjord: 2.4.18
Joline: 2.4.18
Max: 2.4.18
Horizon: 2.4.18
Fuse: 2.4.18

Widgetkit 3: 3.0.20

Instructions for updating the Pro template
Before updating the template, make a full backup of the site .
How to update to the current version manually:
1. Unpack the yootheme_wp_ (version. *) Archive into the yootheme directory
2. Before copying, make sure that your project does not contain modified files. If they are present, then you will have to transfer all changes.
2. Copy the folder to / wp-content / themes in your Wordpress project and replace all files in the existing theme.
* - Template version, for example 2.4.18

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Benefits Of A Business Trip Massage
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